This week at Lakeshore 1/10-16

Things are beginning to wake up here at camp. Even the thermometer has begun to slowy creep out from that little round part at the bottom. There’s something about long streaks of cold temperatures that kind of make you feel like you’re trapped or being held captive. You go outside, and you feel like you’re doing something dangerous (depending on the temperature and how you’re dressed, you might actually be doing something dangerous). People begin to wonder if they should just call all their plans off when it gets this cold. Any precipitation coupled with temperatures like this will keep the school buses in their garages. And rightly so, I guess. They want to sleep on days like this just as much as we do. This is weather that just invites you to stay under those layers of blankets you’ve piled onto your bed, that make it hard for you to even move. Any one in their right mind would be crazy to throw off the 22 pounds of fabric resting on your chest to make that dash to the cold bathroom floor and begin the day.

Most of the staff spent the week away from camp in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee, at the South Eastern Jurisdiction Camp and Retreat Leaders Gathering. A few stayed behind to hold down the fort, and they got to see the temperature change before the staff that went off to Beersheba. The day it got back up to the 40s in Eva, it may have reached 25 in Beersheba Springs.

Martha and Heather took about 5 hours one day cleaning the storage room in the Administration Building. Most of the mess was a large stack of recyclabes waiting to be sent off. Martha also moved some old files to the “pink house,” which serves dual purpose as sewage control building and old file storage building. The storage room looks about as good as it has ever looked. We will now, I’m sure, begin the task of dirtying it up again. These are the things that happen as the camp begins to wake up to guests visiting our camp once again, after holidays, cold temperatures, and ice have kept them away. We will find ourselves with many more responsibilities, that will keep us out of that storage room with vacuums and dust rags. There will be less time to organize files, and they will inevitably get dropped off in a convenient place. And, that will be the start of a cluttered storage room again. Shay will do her best to keep it the way it is, but her responsibilities will shift to more cabin use. Not, that we complain too much about that, compared to cleaning a drafty storage room with one window there are many other things at camp we all prefer.

The maintenance staff has spent a good bit of time over the past week or two getting firewood so that retreat groups can enjoy our fireplace. They’ve been in search of fallen trees, and dead trees that are still standing, but don’t need to be. They took down a tree near the pamper pole on the ropes course and made quick work of it. This morning Jim and Travis were deconstructing a fallen tree behind the Tabernacle. So, when you set at the fireplace, hypnotized by the flames flickering back and forth, remember the fuel for that fire.

Yesterday and today were days that just make you want to go outside–especially after the temperatures preceeding it. The river has been very smooth of late. It looks like glass. So, smooth that you feel like you could possibly walk across it. Even the waves are smooth. It almost looks like a solid surface when you stare out over it. With this, you get a perfect reflection of the sky and horizen. It makes the world look so much bigger. It’s great for sunsets. As I walked to the Conference Center today, I saw a group of ducks just out from the Waterfront. This is the first group of ducks I’ve seen this close this season. There were probably 20 or so of them. I know soon, though, that there will be hundreds of them. You will walk out and hear their coos and quacks. Many, many things are on their way. It is waking up. Retreaters, even staff applications have begun to come in. Stretch and yawn and get out of bed. It is time for us to wake.

This week we have the youth of Christ UMC Nashville and Carrie Shanklin visiting us. Pray for their experience, and lift up the people of Haiti. Next week there will be a blog break because Troy is taking a class in Virginia. We’ll be back on the 29th.


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