Things to give this Christmas

I know by the time most of you read this message it will be after Christmas, but I want to put it out there anyway. I was doing Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, and I now look down at my clock and see it has, in fact, passed on into Christmas. So, first, a Merry Christmas to each of you. Now, I’d like to put forth some ideas for you to give this Christmas (and yes, I realize that much of the money has already been spent and most of your plans for Christmas are set or even already completed). But, remember this: there was a time when there were 12 days of Christmas–the first one being December 25th. If you would like to give something to someone needy, there are so many places you can give. You can give to food banks all over the world or in your back yard. You can give to organizations that help educate people and make life better for the most poverty stricken places in the world. You can donate to environmental organizations that help try to preserve the beauty of the world. Those are just some. Anything you love, I bet there is some area of it in need. Help that place out. We, of course, encourage donations to camp scholarships or our buck-a-day campaign, or maybe even some volunteer work. But, I promise, your christmas will be so much better this year if you give to something that is truly in need. And, you don’t have to have money to give. Spend some time this holiday at You simply answer trivia questions in the topic of your choosing, and, with every correct answer, rice gets donated. I hope that this Christmas has been good for you and your loved ones, so far. May what we experience this holiday go to make many happy–may it help them know God’s love.


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