Johnny "Beaver" Gall Needs Your Help!!!

Beaver will be leaving in November on a 6 month mission to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to work with a childcare center that takes care of kids “so their mothers can go to work and provide for often surprisingly large families.” We are excited that he has chosen to take a year off from the pursuit of his education to answer this call for God to serve the least, the last, and lost. Since he will be working as a volunteer, he will need our financial help to make this mission a reality.

At first, Beaver was not sure he wanted to work with children since he had so much experience doing so. Later, after some friends returned from working with an orphanage in Morocco and seeing their pictures, he realized that he “remembered all of the children (he had) been blessed to have encountered . . . at Lakeshore and how amazing it was to spend time with them especially when he know they really needed someone to be there for them.

Being “sick of seeing so much poverty in the world” and knowing he was being called to do something to help, Beaver has made a sacrificial decision to follow his call. If you or your group at church (i.e. Sunday School Class, Youth Group, Family, etc.) would like to join in sponsoring Beaver’s missional efforts, please send your donation to “Johnny Gall Mission Fund” c/o Lakeshore UMA, 1458 Pilot Knob Road, Eva, TN 38333. Every gift, large or small, will make a difference.

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