Looking for some Anglo-Saxon assistance

At Lakeshore, we are excited to be planning our second Christmas and Culture Day, December 5th. Last year we did this for the first time. We had a day at camp where we decorated the camp up for Christmas and tried to celebrate Christmas like another culture. Last year we did Germany, and it was pretty successful.

This year, we are tackling England. I really want to go bigger this year, but to make that happen, I’m going to need more help. Last year I got most of my info from the internet, and this year I want it to be more authentic. So, I need anyone out there with experience in England or a good knowledge of English culture to help us make this as real as possible. I want to set it up sort of like a fair with booths that have different things going on that people can pass by and participate in. So, if we could find people with English accents, that would be fantastic.

We will serve a traditional English lunch at noon, and in the evening we will have English desserts (and tea, of course). So, if you know any traditional English recipes, that would be great.

I’d also like to have a horse and carriage and have carriage rides available for people. So, if you have connections in the horse and buggy world, I’d love your help.

I’ve got a great vision for this thing, but I don’t have the connections to get all this. I’m hoping some of you can help. Please email me at troy@lakeshoreuma.com or call Lakeshore’s office at 731-584-6102. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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