Meet the Full Monte!!

Joining out staff for this summer in the area of Nature fun is a new member of the team. His or her name is Monty and he/she is a baby Ball Python. Get it? Monty Python (: Monty will join Rex, our 4 and 1/2 foot elder Corn Snake as assistants to the Snake Man, James Powers, for nature fun this summer. These two, along with the 25 or 30 additional, non-poisonous snakes that James will find over the course of the summer, will join him in teaching many interesting lessons.

Lakeshore hopes to be able to acquire and maintain several other exotic and natural reptilian pets for service in our growing nature program. Our Organic garden continues to grow with the introduction of Peach and Cherry Trees for 2009. We added Apple trees in 2008. The garden will feature tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumbers for our salad bar this summer season.

Welcome to the staff Monty the Python!!!


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