Christmas is coming

Yes, as soon as Halloween is over, and the bags of candy and costumes are moved to the discount rack to make room for Christmas decorations, we’ll be reminded by every retailer with any marketing experience that Christmas is less than two months away. Usually people talk about all the Santa paraphernalia in a negative way when it appears on November 1st, and that’s probably justified. Here, we have Christmas shoved down our throats from all angles. It doesn’t sneak in to a stable in a small town under all of our noses. If we’re not careful, we can go through the whole season with no mystery at all, and that is a shame to me.

It is the mystery of the season that keeps me in love with Christmas. The mystery of a new year upon us. The mystery of the gifts we give and receive. The mystery of a new born baby and how he will keep all his promises. I love how Christmas can change people, specifically how it changes me. I think that probably half of what’s out there promoting Christmas has an ulterior motive, but, just the same, I think they enjoy what they are doing. Still, there is so much to wade through. So much to prepare, so little time, so much expectation.

This year, I want to give people a chance to experience Christmas, pure and simple. No pressure to buy things. No pressure to cook something just right. I want people, no matter how many Christmases they’ve seen, to find something new this Christmas. Something that will bring out a true spirit, holding off the consumer side that makes us wish it was already over.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to see how other people around the world do Christmas. If you could go to a different country for Christmas and celebrate as they do, there would be all kinds of newness. So, the first Saturday of this December, we are going to transform Lakeshore to a different place and celebrate Christmas like they do there. This year, we will have a German Christmas. I chose Germany, because it began many Christmas traditions, including the Christmas Tree and Silent Night. There a lot of other traditions, though, and I am excited about bringing them to Lakeshore.

So, come out December 6th. We will have German food, crafts, songs, and Christmas characters. We will end the day with the lighting of a Christmas Tree and traditional German carols. You can get a registration flyer on our website: The cost is $15 to cover your meals. I hope that you’ll come out or spread the word to your families and churches. I hope that this can surpass those first Christmas commercials as the spring board to our Christmas spirits. Frohliche Weihnachten!


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