Lakeshore is Proud to Announce the 2008 Summer Staff

Aquatics Directors: Kala Keeton and Abby Myers
Challenge Course Director: Jennie Dickerson
Crafts Director: Sarah Albritten
First Aid Director: Chrissie McMillion
Lifeguards: Sarah Cobb and Jacob Ross
Music Director: Matt Stamps
Naturalist: James Powers
Oxley Director: Katie Strickland
Program Utilities Facilitator: Miranda Rose
Recreation Director: Tiffany Dowdy
Resident Counselors: Anna Claire Bilderbeck
Kristen Brandon
Kaitlin Bullwinkel
Katrina Dorse
Lisa Elder
Johnny Gall
Jonathan Gowan
Alyssa Jones
Megan Jones
Brittany Kee
Matt Moody
Tyler Reed
Justin Russell
Sarah Sharp
Josh Story
Caitlin White
Preston Wright
Wilderness Director: Danielle Miller
Wilderness/Oxley Resident Counselors: Jennie Douglas and Brian Swift


One thought on “Lakeshore is Proud to Announce the 2008 Summer Staff

  1. I LOVE Lakeshore and everyone in it,its like a “Home Away from Home”. They always put a smile on my face every day im there. The counsilers r so sweet to everyone “Boss”/Will Harris is always the one u can trust. He mite 4get you but that dont remember next year! untill 2009 comes around. LUV YA, Bosslover/Maddie Kate Coffey

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