Every summer at Lakeshore lots of stuff gets left here. Some of leftovers are welcome. We don’t mind getting hip new shirts, jackets or hats. And, how many of you have been saved by sheets left behind on those visits that you forgot yours? That’s nice, but we just got a set of nice surprises from an item that we find and aren’t really sure what to do. Recently, during a cleaning binge, we decided to develop a stack of leftover disposable cameras rather than leave them in a pile forever. When it all came back, we had an interesting group. There was a roll from Sarah Walton (now Hearn), probably from several trips. There were a few rolls from our old Urban Issues camp, but the prize of them in our eyes was the appearance of an old friend. Several pictures were taken of a group of staff floating in the river, and in many of them was then waterfront director, Mark Wiggins. These were pictures that we hadn’t seen in anyone else’s photo albums, and since Mark passed away almost exactly 6 years ago, it was the first new look we’ve gotten of him in some time. It was nice to see my old friend again and remember those times that we floated together out in the river. So, whoever took the picture, I’m glad you did, and I’m glad you left your disposible camera at camp.


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