Alternate Spring Break

When many people think of Spring Break, all they see is drunken debauchery on the beach. But, many college students spend their spring break doing things that make a huge difference. Many students take their free week to donate time and work to worthy missions. So, for those of you who are looking for an opportunity and haven’t found it yet, Lakeshore would like to offer one for you.

Come to Lakeshore and spend your spring break blazing trails and other work to make our camp better. You will spend the days working, get meals and rooms provided at no charge. We will have a vesper service each evening, so it should be a spiritual renewal for you as well. Since this is our first try with this program, we are testing 2 weeks to see which will work.

We are considering these days:
-March 11-13
-March 18-21 (If you are planning to be at staff interviews, this week ends the day before interviews)

If your spring break falls on one of these dates and you would like to spend it with us doing work, please contact troy at as soon as possible. Whichever week gets the best response by March 6 will be the week we go with. See you soon.


One thought on “Alternate Spring Break

  1. An update on the Alternate Spring Break: We didn’t have enough interest to do the alternate spring break this year. Next year, I’ll publicize this a little earlier, and maybe it will happen.

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