30 Hour Famine at Lakeshore

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being on leadership for the 30 Hour Famine at Lakeshore. We hosted somewhere around 180 people who spent most of the weekend fasting and learning more about hunger all over the world. The leadership had a great time, and I feel motivated and energized to do more to make a difference for the people less fortunate than me. There are many highlights from the weekend, but I’ll let you guys mention those if you want to. I’d really like to just encourage everyone to take even just a little time or money to help hungry people. Last night, I talked to my Senior High Youth Group at Camden 1st, and they want to raise more money for World Vision. I encourage you to just do something whether it is with World Vision (www.30hourfamine.org) or your local food pantry. I’d like to hear comments from people either talking about their experience at the 30 Hour Famine this year or telling us about your efforts to help the hungry. Hope to hear from some of you soon.


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