Join Harry Montgomery this Christmas

I am excited to announce that Harry Montgomery (that’s right, Harry the big brother of Joe “that rascal” Montgomery), has established a new endowment fund that we are calling “Lakeshore Staff/Alumni Endowment for Camperships.” As you may already know, money put into an endowment is maintained in an account and ONLY the interest earned off the money is used for the purpose it is designed. In this case, the income from the fund will be used to provide funding to allow a less-privileged child or youth come to camp. As an endowment, your gifts will not just send a kid to camp this year, but will work to keep sending kids as long as there is a Lakeshore.

We are proud that Harry chose to establish this fund in honor of the many staff who have served campers through the years. Harry would like to invite all other staff and campers of Lakeshore to pitch in and help. The more money in the account, the more kids we can send to camp. In addition, you get the opportunity to honor that staff member who as a leader or peer made a difference in your life. Send your gift to Lakeshore UMA, 1458 Pilot Knob Road, Eva, TN 38333 and mark it for the Staff Campership Endowment. We will share a list of those who honored former staff in a future edition of the Shoreline.
The picture??? That is Harry with a couple of pretty girls who did not know any better. (:


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