Tell your friends and tell us what you think about our new camp

We are excited to announce a new Survival/Backpacking Camp, set for June 9-14 in the summer of 2008. Campers will really rough it this week, going into the woods with everything on their backs. There, they will learn to live, eat, and sleep in the wilderness while leaving minimal traces on the environment. We want this camp to be a success, so please tell anyone who might be interested. Right now, here is the basic outline of the camp:

-Campers will arrive and learn basic survival/camping skills
-They will set up tents at our Tent and Trailer site for the first night
-The second day, they will go into Lakeshore’s unexplored woods and spend several nights there
-When they return from Lakeshore’s woods, they will venture into Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park for more wilderness adventure until the end of the week

We are hoping to find someone who can lead tree climbing for the group sometime during the week as well. We want to know how it sounds. Tell us what you think. We’re really excited about this camp (I really wish I could sign up for it) and hope it will be a success.


5 thoughts on “Tell your friends and tell us what you think about our new camp

  1. Well as someone who has grown up backpacking this camp certainly sounds like fun to me. I think the age I saw listed elsewhere was 12-15? For many campers I could see this working out wonderfully! Its a great idea and I am really excited to see that Lakeshore is giving it a go. But I also have vivid memories of young kids coming camping with Boy Scouts and just not taking it too well (even though they knew what they were going on the trip to do). I’m just nervous that you might get a number of campers who don’t realize what they are getting in to or who attend the camp with the intention of “trying new things” and just aren’t cut out for the backpacking. For the first go at this camp i would sudjest no more then 10 openings :-/ simply because prior experience says that just one or two kids having trouble can take up a number of the leaders(counselors & deans) How far will they walk each day? Too much walking can wear folks out long before the end of the week and too little camping will leave you with a lot of time…to do low/hi ropes? any swimming or creek stomping? I duno, just throwing that out there i guess. All that aside I see this as being an amazing camp experience! It will be a chance for campers and leaders alike to get out and experience Gods creation to the max! Whoever thought of this idea…you rule. PS. who’s leading this camp?

  2. Sorry to leave you hanging so long. I’ve been out of town 4 out of the last 5 weeks. Mandy Carter is leading the camp. She’s wanted to do a camp like this for years, and I’m excited that she’s finally getting that wish granted.

  3. ‘scoo. sounds good. I hope they do mud volleyball first thing and then just never bother with going to the lake to wash off. That would be THE camp to be a camper at, but I think I’d hate directing it. It really depends. If Gowan shaved my head again, I’d probably be all about it.

  4. Here’s a little more info, especially for James, whose questions I’ve left hanging out there: We already planned on limiting the numbers to something like 10. I don’t have specifics on how far we’re hiking a day. Mandy is going to come out sometime this spring, and we are going to explore and decide then. The plan is to during day one just learn about backpacking and tent camping, then on day two go out into Lakeshore’s 1100 acre back country that isn’t developed. They will spend several days there, so I assume there will be some creek stomping. We are also considering tree climbing (if that happens maybe even spending a night in the trees). Then our group will return from the back country and tackle Nathan Bedford Forest State Park for a few days. We feel like we have been intentional in our brochures about letting campers know what this camp will be like, and I have all the confidence in the world in Mandy teaching those who aren’t quite ready. She has taught this for many years now. So, we’re real excited. Spread the word if you know someone who would be good for it. These camps are very difficult to get off the ground, and many of them don’t get much response and get dropped in their first year. I really hope that doesn’t happen to this camp. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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