November Counselor Certification

We have 10 new certified counselors for Lakeshore. The class of November 2007 has just left the ‘shore more prepared to be a part of our summer program. We had a great weekend and had a great time learning from each other. This group was very good about asking questions and always seemed to be paying attention. Thanks so much to all of you for helping to make it a good weekend for not only you, but me too. I hope to see each one of you serving God to the best of your abilities this summer. So, here’s to:
-Ben Cox
-Katie Davis
-Katrina Dorse
-Will Hubbs
-Kelsey Kennel
-Ashley Peeples
Annilin Severns
-Tyler Weatherford
-Sara Williamson
-Sterling Jowers
for their hard work now and in the future. A special prayer for Annilin Severns who is having surgery. We hope to hear that you’re all better soon. So, guys, feel free to tell the group more about your weekend, what you learned, or things that you are just now realizing as you return to the daily grind of home. Hope each one of you are home safe and just a little better because of your time here.


7 thoughts on “November Counselor Certification

  1. it was so awesome if you have never done it you are realy missing out on alot of fun stuff and meet some pretty cool people like that Tyler Weatherford guy man he is realy cool but if you have never done it you are realy missing out so do it as quick as possible

  2. ok well first off, i had an amazing time at camp, it was great to get to know everyone. just so you all know, my surgery went very well. it was postponed for 2 hours yesterday so instead of it being at 2 it was at 4, but that meant that all my buddies got to walk over to the hospital from my school, so that was nice. Im just now starting to get sore, and i don’t have my painkillers yet. I’ll be getting them soo tho!! haha. I’ll be checking on the page for like for ever! haha.

  3. Glad to hear everything went well with your surgery, Annilin. Don’t enjoy those pain killers too much. Thanks to all of you who have written. Hope your Thanksgivings are good ones.

  4. haha i won’t. it doesn’t even hurt that bad, so the killers aren’t necessary. funny thing- i fell asleep before they put the anesthetics on me… i laughed. i hope everyone’s break is good!!

  5. hey guys!i hope you have all been well. I’m so mad, i can’t council this year, i don’t think…I’m going to try for primary elementary, but all the other elementary camps i can’t! I was so upset… Thank goodness i still get to go to Sr. High though!! I hope your spring semesters are going well!!!

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